• pedoMicro

    age 0 do 3 months

    This programme is intended for the youngest visitors of Pedosana motor development sessions, from four weeks to three months of age. During this early period of their lives, babies are completely dependent on parents and incapable of voluntary movements. This is why it is extremely important how parents (and other people involved in upbringing) handle a baby. It is recommended to start with correct handling and exercise as soon as possible since babies up to three months of age are just starting to perceive their surroundings and bodies and are completely dependent on their parents. That is why we put the main emphasis on teaching parents how to help their child explore surroundings and strengthen his or her body. Motor development proceeds from the head downward (cephalocaudal trend) and from the centre of the body outward (proximodistical trend). During the first few months, babies strengthen muscles from the neck to their arms. That is why we encourage independent control of the head while babies are lying on their stomachs. The next stage in a baby’s development happens through touches, position shifting and baby’s newly gained experience.

  • pedoMini

    age 3 months to side sit

    Babies who attend this programme are at least three months old. Our goal is to achieve independent side sitting position (half-sitting position, with hands by the body, on the surface). Babies’ neck muscles have already developed and they can control their heads very well. This is the time when babies make first attempts of movement to the side and this is why we want to teach parents correct handling and exercises so that they will know how to guide babies’ movements in their surroundings (for example, we start with rolls from back to stomach). Our motto is “show me, and I will do it myself”. During this programme, babies progress from raising their head and chest to pushing up, using their arms and opening their palms. Of course, every baby is an individual and this is why we do not hurry his or her development but wait for these milestones to happen in their own time. Many exercises are done with the help of a parent’s body, various equipment and balls. Our goal is to achieve side sitting position and voluntary arm activity.

  • pedoMidi

    From side sit to crawling

    This programme is intended for babies who already master side sitting. Side sitting is desired in all possible variations¬–when lifting, lowering, cradling or playing with a baby, since this is the basic movement that allows progression from side sitting to hands-and-knees position and crawling. Babies in this programme can hold their body in the side sitting position, but they still cannot sit without support, because their core muscles are not developed yet. This is why it is immensely important NOT to put babies into sitting position before they can sit ON THEIR OWN! During PedoMIDI sessions, we place emphasis on body stability. We use various tools and equipment, such as balls, cylinders and balance cushions. Exercises are done with the help of a mother’s body. We show parents which exercises and movements stimulate the formation of synapses and help them understand that it is unadvisable to get ahead of a baby’s development. We should enjoy observing our child’s exploration and not worry about milestones in development.

  • pedoMaxi

    From crawling to walking

    From crawling to walking This is the programme for all little crawlers who explore their surroundings on hands and knees. We set up a special playground for babies and observe how they tackle various obstacles in the room. In this way, they develop coordination, balance, and parachute reflex and gain loads of experience for further, spontaneous motor development. In this programme, we show parents exercises and movements that will help their babies to pull to stand, twist, lower (put feet on a surface) and extend their arms. Parents should keep in mind that leading babies by their hands and teaching them to walk is NOT the right way. We have to wait for a baby to be ready and only then he or she will let go and independently step into the world.

  • PedoHODI


    age 18 months to 3.5 years

    Sessions PedoWALK are intended for younger children between 18 months and 3,5 years of age. Children at this age are rather non-compliant and strong-willed, therefore sessions are carried out with the help of engaged parents, who actively motivate and lead their child. This programme includes a lot of exercise for understanding balance, gravity, developing coordination and upright posture. Children are still encouraged to crawl, climb, handle moving objects or in other ways overcome obstacles. By doing various exercises and playing games, first together with their parents and later individually on the playground, children uncover new ways to their motor and mental dimensions.

  • Uvodna ura

    Introductory session

    Are you aware that in the first year of your baby’s life you can significantly contribute to his or her motor and cognitive development? Maybe you would just like to get some tips on how to correctly handle your baby, get some good advice or just spend time with other mothers? We gladly demonstrate how to spend some quality time with your little peanut at our introductory sessions Tuesdays in our Pedosana centre (Ljubljana, Šiška). The number of participants is limited. Please apply in advance and let us know the age of your baby. Welcome!

  • Obisk na domu

    Private session

    A private session in motor development skills enables a wholesome treatment of an individual baby. It allows us to carefully study the level your baby’s development, what skills they have already acquired and what kind of guidelines they might need in the future. We then demonstrate the techniques for stimulating their motor development. Within the 45-minute session with you and your baby, we decide on the plan of action for you to follow at home. On average, this advice is for approximately the next 3 or 4 weeks. After that time, it is wise to upgrade their development with new guidelines. In case we observe that your baby might need additional professional treatment, we will refer you further.

  • Obisk na domu

    Home visit

    SHave you just become the happiest parent in the world, but you are not ready to leave the comfortability of your home? If you feel you are not handling your baby correctly, we can help you. In a peaceful atmosphere and comfort of your home, we can show you some basic handling and positions for the optimum development of your baby. Not only this, we also gladly offer further advice on other problems and issues new parents face in the first year of their baby’s life, such as colic and how to dress a baby or place him or her in a car seat. Please, contact us and we will reply with the greatest pleasure ( or + 386 70 450 165).a